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My name is Jane Hunt. I am a reiki master / practitioner for animals and humans. I am also a horse listener and animal communicator. I am fully insured to work with both people and animals. My work can be greatly rewarding, to see animals and people enjoying the Reiki, from which they can have great benefit. Read on to find out more.

What Is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word (pronounced Ray-Key).  It is a hands-on, gentle, non invasive, relaxing energy healing method which is greatly present throughout the universe.  It was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century, and is one of the most ancient healing methods known to mankind.

How Does It Work?
The aim of Reiki is to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit. Reiki practitioners believe the natural healing energy is channelled and flows in a powerful form through a process of hand positions either on or near the body of the receiver. The Reiki giver is used as a channel to conduct the universal life energy. As humans we have universal energy all around us and within us. Reiki does not take the place of conventional medicine or treatment, but it is something that can be used with permission alongside veterinary or medical advice and care. Always consult a doctor for acute illness or injury. Reiki can assist greatly and bring about positive changes in many situations and balance the emotions and the mind. A Reiki session will leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and restored.

Reiki In Horses / Animals
Horses especially, can often quickly feel deeply relaxed; they will often drop their head and want to "nod off". They must always have access to fresh drinking water as a session can make them thirsty. 

The horse then may like to be left alone quietly to absorb the energy. The horse / animal will continue to take the Reiki for as long as he/she feel the need to.  Reiki is safe and will not in any way harm the animal. Always consult your vet for acute injury or illness.

Anima Healing Practitioner - Coming Soon
Anima Healing is a calm yet powerful non invasive form of alternative energy. Anima Healing energy is the female "yin" energy taken from mother earth which is channelled up through the healer and out to the recipient using breathing techniques. The healer will focus on the individual chakras and the aura, replenishing colours into them to restore balance and harmony back into the body and its auric and physical fields. Anima Healing can be used for humans and animals and can also be sent from a distance like Reiki Healing. Also ESR (Emotional Stress Release) can be incorporated into the healing if the recipient wishes. ESR is again a powerful technique used for releasing trapped emotions that you may have carried around for many many years. It can be a very quick form of healing, releasing trapped or bad memories to leave you feeling much calmer, happier, fresher and lighter and give great release.

Horse Listener / Animal Communicator
By using my 6th sense which is intuition (a sense of knowing), I am able to listen and communicate with horses / animals. Horses are very intelligent, sensitive and complex animals and have many needs just like humans and at times can sadly be misunderstood. If these needs are not met it can result in different types of behavior. By listening to the horse/animal and communicating with them their needs can be identified. The horse then can be worked with. Reiki is a very good useful therapy to work alongside the communication if necessary. Listening and communication can achieve good results, making the horse/animal and the owner / guardian much happier and content in everyday life.

I can visit where the horse / animal lives or I can do postal readings. I would require is a photograph and a snip of mane/tail or fur.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 
Often more commonly known as "Tapping", EFT is a powerful, fast working and non-invasive technique.

By tapping on different parts of the body (using the same points as acupuncture) and focusing on the issue to be dealt with, you can quickly balance and restore the body's energy system.
EFT is successfully used to free yourself of negative beliefs and feelings of

  • Everyday Stress
  • Confidence

These are just a few of the problems EFT can help with. One great benefit of this technique is that once I have taught you to "tap" you can then do it yourself whenever you want or need to so you can quickly and effectively deal with everyday situations that may occur.
EFT along with other therapies / techniques can help you in your own personal development / goal which can be the key to a successful happy life.



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